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Notes On Blood Meridian

Notes on Blood Meridian RevisedTracing many of the nineteenth-century primary sources that McCarthy used, Notes uncovers the historical roots of Blood Meridian. Originally published in 1993, Notes remained in print for only a few years and has become highly sought-after in the rare book market, with used copies selling for hundreds of dollars. In bringing the book back into print to make it more widely available, Sepich has revised and expanded Notes with a new preface and two new essays that explore key themes and issues in the work. This amplified edition of Notes on Blood Meridian is the essential guide for all who seek a fuller understanding and appreciation of McCarthy’s finest work.

Notes on Blood Meridian Available at Amazon.com

Also Available from University of Texas Press


Horses In The Backyard

horses-in-the-backyard-coverInternationally recognized for his scholarly NOTES ON BLOOD MERIDIAN, John Sepich brings readers to a quite different side of his writings in HORSES IN THE BACKYARD, a remarkable collection of dozens of short stories from Sepich’s decade and a half of caring for horses at a boarding stable in rural central Illinois.

Illinois Poet Laureate Kevin Stein writes: “The eye serves as agent of John Sepich’s wonderful HORSES IN THE BACKYARD. A thread of light stitches eye to head to heart to pragmatic fact, a luminous fabric woven by dint of daily attention and repetition. From horses Sepich knows labor but knows as well revelation. Work is work, the saying goes, but so is epiphany.”

John Sepich says, “There must be ten thousand picture books of horses, but every horse is frozen on the page. Here, the horses are in motion. There must be even more books on breaking and training and riding. Here, and from where I stand, the horses are more important than the people. I wasn’t raised in the country. I wasn’t raised with horses. But after fifteen years of experience these stories would be my answer to a number of questions. What’s it like to live in the country with horses? What are the horses like? Is it a lot of work? What are the seasons like? What kinds of things happen? Where are the satisfactions?”

Horses in the Backyard Available at Amazon.com


In the Boundary Waters

in-the-boundry-waters-coverOne night, a certain young man falls asleep and has a nightmare, and then a dream. Or does he live them? No matter, these two experiences change him for the better. Written and illustrated by John Sepich, IN THE BOUNDARY WATERS is a simple story, with an air of timelessness.


In the Boundary Waters Available at Amazon.com



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Road Sign
Manure Fork Holder
Hose Reel
Harmless Trash Bag
Feeding Barn Cats
Quonset-Hut Doorstops
Saddle Stands
Cross-Tie Fuses
Utility Catch Rope
Clipper Caddy
On Hanging One’s Fans
Mending Mats
Stall Door Repair
Blue Barn Tack Room
Groom Box
Ribbon Rack
Four Season Awnings
West Door Support
Winter Hose Hooks
Manure Fork Repair